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 So my 2 am wake up alarm after only laying my head on the pillow around 11pm days have come to a close, everyone is slowly coming back into the office praising the success of the show and the discussions about the tone of the overall season (month and a bit) entails for the future and sets in stone, or maybe what is better to say by confirming the current outcry in society reflected in fashion’s beloved capitals. 

 Obviously (-like part of me screams to myself, ‘dude how many times to you have to emphasis this – but the greater side, which I tend to listen to the most soothes, ‘enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity with gratitude and expression), unless you have been chilling on one of the ‘7 newfound planets’ for the past year, thoughts of the response to the president elect of USA would have definitely been expressed on the catwalks in response to not only the chosen president but his outlandish remarks since in office. 

 A simple example of this response, that stood out for me, (before we head onto the listing of slogan t-shirts) is to just take a look at the front rows of the major designers like Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Public School and etc. Then look at those figures and who publicly supported the #SheCan campaign …   

 There was A LOT that happened during NYFW, my most highlighted part of NYFW though; Halima Aden . It still amazes me as to why in 2017, we are still seeing headlines like ‘this season displayed 14% more models of colour compared to 2014 and up by 3% in the top luxury houses within Paris and Milan’* and completely confuses me that a representative of a culture like Halima’s has not been so fluid as it should be. 

 Why are brands taking so long to accept everyone from its earlier stages within the end product? There is one thing for me to go into a luxury retail store and seem less anxious to feel profiled because I see someone of colour as a representative of the brand but to not even see a female like me with the same features / religion / understanding modelling it … confuses me as to why these luxury brands are slowly (they’re getting there) using the catwalk to show how culturally accepting they are to its consumers and spectators. 

 Aden also made her way to Milan as Bottega Veneta first’s look but before we head to the fashion land that displayed an array of luxurious fabrics this AW17, we must first travel from the land of the free and Gigi Hadid spotting’s to the land of creativity and soon to be independent from the EU.   

 When it comes to London and fashion week, I tend to not watch out for the big brands, so much like a fan or admirer of the brand because many household British brands are under the helm of young designers, -which I absolutely love! London is full of raw talent, but London also has an eclectic social scene. It’s not simply for the swerve editors springing from one show to the other whilst photographer’s circulated the traffic within Soho and WC1 capturing the vibrant and fresh street styles. I’m not going to dwell so much on the summarising the trends and views of London Fashion Week because (I may have another post on that and-) I personally, enjoyed London Fashion week from our good old friend, social media

 If you’re thinking huh? You may just be following the wrong people. 

 I could go on forever and explain how good it felt to watch these parties off Jourdan Dunn’s new collaboration with Misguided or Dior Bediako’s Instagram stories with Melissa cutting shapes whilst Mercedes Benson is on the decks and Adwoa blessing everybody with her presence, but those Instagram stories are but a memory now!

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 However, I’m pretty sure this dope picture of Leomie is enough to say that London is just the place to be when it comes to having a celebratory motive during LFW (shout out to Marvin for snatching my edges yet again with the slay).   

Now we head to Milan, or as I say, the land of the sultry and scrumptious fabrics (I mean did you look at Bottega Veneta, Prada and Max Mara ?)   

 Milan is nowadays a personal focal point for me as I use this time to show prep for my reports (adjusting deadlines to the correct time clock, capturing any kind of news related to the upcoming show, brand or designer etc). This season I viewed the Gucci show and my oh my (as in nearly 130 looks) was it a lot. I’m not going to dwell on Gucci (because I have another post/s coming up) any further so lets get back to the tone of the female, politics and we are thinking Prada exactly. I loved how clothes demonstrated a sense of social achievement despite what some political leaders describe the female to be and how her mind. Thoughts and actions are underplayed / celebrated. Prada oozed this femininity within a modern societal and seducing context in a mixture of 60’s and 70’s signature cuts. 

 Now onto the final destination for most within industry 
 What does one look out for during PFW? Could it be the epic design layout of Chanel? The Western faces of Parisian brands that make a debut of some major change (What do you really think of Kristen Stewart’s new hair cut?), or what brand is dominating in street style, accessories vs RTW key pieces (Gucci yet again !) 

 For me, I am just clued to how Gucci is running in these street style streets ! Like the last time we saw something like this, Raf Simons was in Dior and it made some kind of sense to buy his glasses for £325.00 and then figure out how to pay your rent. 

 What grabbed your attention this AW17 ? I’ve noticed that I haven’t actually talked about the clothing but merely the ambience, I hope that’s alright with you because I mainly care about the movement of the key players tone / approach towards the season, because like Miranda Presley stated:

*not an actual fact just saying aloud ^_^


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