Sunday, 11 August 2013

Denim Delicacy

Hi guys ! And a happy August to you all (even though we are on day 11 lol.

 For the loyal readers who understand why I lack regular blogging in the month of August, I thank you for your and patience, I'm trying to keep on updating ! For all of my newbies, let me explain *Caribbean accent*. The 3-8 August consists of my mother, 4 close cousins, have birthdays and other traditional family  celebrations take place, and THIS year; I have a lot of family coming over from the states, as well as my godson who is soon about to turn 10 ! Plus overtime at work - as you can see, I'm hell'a BUSY ! Meaning, I'm always tired, and I admit that I haven't taken much rest since hectic July. But I'm trying to keep you updated with my life and new things as much as possible.

Denim dress with cut out at the back- H&M
Sandals : Primark
Necklaces : Tiffany&Co

Tip: For the days when you feel so like not making an 'effort' to seize your day, fling on a loose fitted summer dress! Whether that be a maxi from H&M, sundress from New Look, and a simple yet fun skater dress from River Island! A make-up tip I've learned recently is if you are not bothered for the attempting the 'coverage', apply a BB cream (best from Bobbi Brown if I say so myself) and finish with either a little bronzer (I buy mine from The body shop) , mascara and/or eyeliner then finish with a red lip ! This year, I've been really smart with my bank and really got into renewing last years stuff for this year, but I had to embark on purchasing this H&M dress, despite the weird shape, I'm in love ! The dress is light and looks good whether dressed up or down ! I even wore this to work today THEN went to my Church youth barbecue ^_^

Thanks Jourdan-Jae ! xx
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