Friday, 12 August 2016

The One Piece

I have just come back from a mother-daughter bonding vacation in Ibiza (FYI - I did not make the decision to go before you all gasp in confusion lol- she’s always wanted to go so we went for her birthday ^_^). Though the trip was truly about bonding, sightseeing and catching a tan, I did not know how to go about buying something swim / beach related for the poolside / beach. I have not worn a bikini since around 17, and I have not bought anything swim related since around 16. I’ve grown a couple of cup sizes within the past 5 years and my my my; the struggle to find something for my quick vacation was terribly real.  

Not to mention, by May, I concluded that my ‘summer body 2016’ challenge was a trial and you’ll see the real deal next year ;).

Back to swimwear! Finding a bra for myself is never easy; (lets just say – my cup runneth over) I am a 34 back size with a slim waist and wide hips; aka there maybe 1-3 pieces to choose from the over 250 style on an online store and ‘plus size’ is just to big and then unflattering.

The one piece! I completely forgot about one-pieces / swimsuits. Like the last time I wore a speedo was when I did my lessons when I was about six.

I was discussing with a friend how much I love the fact that the swimsuit is coming back in a beautiful way; making people who are not totally comfortable within there skin look so dreamy on the beach as well as strikingly stunning and confident by the pool. It’s not everyday buy a bikini for holiday; sometimes switch it up and get yourself a flattering swimsuit. In addition to the swimsuit, I’ve also had my eye out on cover-ups.

I plainly thank Almighty God for inspirations like Shayla (MakeUpShayla) and Amra (Amrezy) for sharing their beachwear ‘executions'. If you are still twiddling your thumbs, they have some ‘fits for you to learn from.

So what did you end up going for?

Ok, so I tried, like I really tried this one-piece suit from ASOS (picture below) . Fell in love with it because it was thigh-high yet completed in fishnet material so I felt comfortable though my skin is ‘on show’, it was also a halter neck! Something I have not ever considered wearing by the pool but like I said … I tried J! I did also manage to find a lovely bikini top from Panache Swimwear and paired it with a high-waist bikini knickers from ASOS.
Bikini alternative | Sunglasses | Missoni cover up similar  (see how cool it looks on my Instagram)

For cover-ups, I just had one, but this was just no normal cover up. I had my eye on this beauty ever since I started working in the Body Studio at Selfridges early this year. If money is not an option, or you are able to treat yourself once in a while, investing in Missoni swimwear is a (DJ Khaled voice) Major Key. Every season, the cuts and style just increase in such beauty, which I believe, aid in confidence of the wearer. I watched and watched until it went down in sale and now you see it on me in Ibiza ^_^.

Just a few but classic pieces I picked up for many future holidays; like Hip Hop; the one piece suit is not dead and is perfect for all spectacular shapes; even though I don’t feel great in my body, I look pretty good!
Fishnet Insert Panel Plunge Halter Swimsuit from  ASOS 

2 other pieces I wanted so bad but couldn't get in time : 


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