Friday, 13 October 2017

H&M x Erdem

I have just come across the official imagery surrounding the HM x Erdem collaboration coming out next month. As Vogue said, expect to see a lot of lace as well as tweed pieces, I'm in love with the accessories as per with a surprising splash of streetwear (Who would've ever thought they could be an owner of an Erdem sweatshirt?)

Here are a few of the collection pieces that I have my eyes on the lookout for:

What are you hoping to buy from the collection ? What are your thoughts ? See the rest from


Sunday, 8 October 2017


Paris, the capital of France, also known as my next door neighbour. 

My convenient next door neighbour to be precise, she always has something sweet to offer me and this normally includes a range of favourites that are available at home but you see Paris forces me to really enjoy each favourite with time and ease. 

Paris is the home of my most treasured brand, Dior, where the birth of the 'New Look' impacted my understanding of the female body some 40 years later after her arrival.

Just as I said in my trailer, some visit Paris in the name of love, relaxation or to conspicuously buy. Maybe one day I'll experience those things but for now the purpose of Dior and art are suiting me just fine ^_^

I went to visit the CHRISTIAN DIOR, COUTURIER DU RÊVE exhibition which was absolutely wonderful, if you have the chance to go before January 2018, definitely attend !

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