Wednesday, 21 June 2017

From Selfie to Self-Expression

As a child/student of fine art and criticising art for majority of my student life, I never aligned classical portraits with characteristics like vanity. Comparing to classical portraits dating back from the late 1400s with today's "selfie" with technology, you can clear see that the denomination of self-control takes place as clearly now as back then !

It's amazing how traditional method's within practicing art is still used in modern society but through different mediums. I did not do any research before entering the exhibition so I was pleased to see a wide range from my traditional favourites like Van Gogh, C├ęzanne and Frida Kahlo.

I encourage you all to visit (Ending July 23) and experience a rich exploration of the journey of self- portraiture.


Monday, 12 June 2017

Why study at LCF ?

Happy June !

If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel, there is a new video about my university, London College of Fashion up ^_^. 

Depending on how you look at it (in terms of 'wow that's so early' / 'cool you were serious from early ') , I knew from around the age of 15 that I would go to study at LCF, I loved fashion and the concept of journalism and the world of conversation. I don’t remember being heavily immersed in idolising it or looking at the atmosphere that is famously surrounding it. Not until I actually started applying for college did I look a my GCSE results and compared them to my A Level choices to tally up what would make sense in choosing my degree for the next 3 years.

UAL, the umbrella that London College of Fashion stands under is a fascinating universe to affiliate yourself with as a young creative individual who would like to build upon skills and venture into the world of the arts in a business like manner. However, as most people would ideally like to turn their hobby/passion into a dream business !

Also, a very interesting thing to share from the Business of Fashion:
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