Thursday, 31 May 2018

Black Market UK Talk - LCF Alumni

If you are new to my page and do not follow my Twitter and Instagram socials, you wouldn't know that late last year I put on an event named Black Market UK - Christmas special

It all started from the idea I had around how black owned businesses — which I am familiar with consuming — in the UK are going to market their products during the Christmas season.

The Voice Newspaper, Wray & Nephew and Supermalt were our official sponsors as well as Unorthodox EU.

It was a wonderful experience where I was able to engage with my community of creative UK black entrepreneurs in s physical space in one of the hotspot market areas European. 

Nowadays, @blackmarket_uk are solely based online, I am waiting to release a few projects and attain a team to help regulate more seasonal markets, so be sure to keep your eyes out for 2018 Christmas ^_^.

Now, I was pleased to talk about my experience around marketplace developing and my goals for @blackmarket_uk with the 2nd years of my degree course (BA Fashion PR & Communication) at my Lime Grove campus last week Thursday. I was invited to talk about my experience and listen to a project which the 2nd years are undertaking with a well-known marketplace area within London. It was a thrilling experience to stand up in front of one of my lecturers regarding my experience of events and PR during and after uni. To think I use to be terrified of speaking in public and now I’m so use to doing it, it feels like nothing !


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