Who is Olivia-Zara?

That's Me ^_^

I am Olivia-Zara but everyone calls me livvs / livvyy and that is why the blog is called livvyy.blogspot.co.uk (Basically because of Arantxa lol).  I am from the Caribbean (Mother is Jamaican, Dad is Guyanese) but born and raised most of my life in the UK, Southside of London. 
I graduated from LCF (2015) studying Fashion Public Relations and Communication. Initially, this blog was a way of showing my journey as a communications student within the field of fashion. When I was applying to LCF, I had many questions in regard to life at uni as a student in fashion that is not studying design, but I found my answers and I decided to share my knowledge online and some more fun stuff. 
In 2014, I backed away from my blog, simply due to the demands of second year, a lot went down on my course and things went crazy real quick. During that time, I had the opportunity to go to NYC and intern at Karla Otto for a couple of months and then I realised to return but revamp this online platform in a portfolio style, to mirror who I am in the present.
Now I'm in the working world and full of answers but with that; I have queries, analysis and discussions about what is going on within the industry. Some days I may want to talk about technology evolving within fashion; some days I may just want to share a post on encouragement within this harsh yet fulfilling world. I want to talk about the present, life after university, interning (paid vs unpaid), travelling and overall an insight to this industry from my point of view.

I hope you will enjoy ^_^

OLIVIAOLOGY - Coined by Jonathan (who you will one day meet), is a page that represents topics I discuss and share with my knowledge of public relations, communication, fashion, social media and lifestyle. Think about this page as the page where I have my Gucci reading glasses and black coffee talking 'academics' with you all ^_^.

ZARA - Also known as the other half of my name, and the laid back, wanting to explore exhibitions and finding an excuse to travel to the SW side of London. Think of this page like me wearing my Christian Dior tortoise shell specs with something real colourful ^_^

So yeah, that's me ! You are free to follow my everyday life which I share with the online world, my daily tasks and thoughts, style and likes, motivation and sometimes a little banter.

Thanks for visiting
Livvyy x


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  1. you're a wonderful woman follow you <3



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