Thursday, 5 October 2017

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This is something quite new for me, opening speaking about my faith but as I see; my blog over the years really just shares my experiences and reflects on new things.
Be it observing the how the industry that i have studied/ work in is evolving for the better / worse or simply sharing something I learnt personally whilst attending something major and central to the stage of life that i’m at.

Marriage has been a hot topic amongst my circle recently, it’s so weird because I’m only 23, Olivia-Zara YOU ARE ONLY 23 !

My older cousins at the age 23 were only worrying about the latest hairstyle they’re gonna do for their 3 day weekend long raving extravaganza.

Nowadays with the help of social media like Instagram, weddings are happening every other day (I once went to 3 within one day), and:

  • When is it your turn 
  • Ooo, I loved her facebeat 
  • The decor/food wasn’t enough 
  • Did you notice so and so wasn’t there ? *inserts conspiracy evaluation*  

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hang out with judgemental people (well- I appear dismissive but when appropriate), but what I just frown upon is how caught up one may be around the importance of the ceremonial activities.

Which prompted me to write this post (and slide in my my featured traditional wedding pose picture). I went along to a wedding as a guest of my sister-in-Christ with her school friend from wheyyy-back (add the south london accent). Mind you, I did not know the couple, but I connected with them through joy because of what they represented.

Jesus, not only do they represent him, but the action of proceeding together in the ministry of marriage represents the love of Jesus at the very core. This was just marvellous to witness, and fulfilling in the sense that such a young couple displayed this in such beauty. I come from a family where marriage is truly seen in 2 spectrum - an achievement or an imaginary fairytale . It’s amazing how society sprinkles a little bit of sugar of social media topped with Instagram icing (the heavier, the better) can really cloud one’s judgement of what love has to do with marriage and that marriage is after the wedding day.

This was just comforting to experience as you know, Londoners may get lost in the wedding fiasco sauce but mediating on Ephesians 5:21-33 and witnessing the face value of that union being established a few weeks back gave me peace, reassurance , I say, a great overall reminder.

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