Thursday, 3 January 2013


First OOTD for 2013 ! Whippieee!

Jeans ~ Zara | Ballet Pumps ~ Topshop | Blazer ~ Zara | Ruffled Pussybow Shirt~ Ralph Lauren | Brooch~ Dior (Vintage)

After doing many errands this morning, I visited the most talked about exhibition right now (well since November) Valentino: Master of Couture at Somerset House. 
The last 'fashion based' exhibition I had gone to see was at the V&A museum (Ballgowns) and I was deeply upset by the layout, composition and order of the exhibition and Valentino's was completely different ! This exhibition invited you to look up close and see the craftsmanship of every design.
 It was a fun experience and having Clara come along made it even better due to the fact that she could explain (in more depth) the type of skill used etc etc.
Anyone who is a fan of the one and only master of couture , should definitely pop by one afternoon  with a friend (actually, try early morning or later near to the closing time if you are the type of person that doesn't like crowds. Every hour session attracts many viewers) . It's only £9 with your student card ^_^.

This couch had to be included in the post, it wsa really comfy - had us sitting there for a good 20 minutes lol
Happy New Year by the way 

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