Thursday, 1 September 2016

Summertime Sadness '16

Summer 2016 was LIT (translation so much fun).

 This summer felt really magical to me, not only do I feel like I slayed but I did everything and anything that simply added to my happiness and this is something I usually don't ever prioritise. I went on holiday, I got in formation with Queen Bey, had some amazing nights out with friends, started focusing on myself, ended it with NHC16 and truly just spent time in my world enjoying me (or as Dior would say; 'do [ing] you {me}' . Do you ever get so caught up in the world or with life and forget about yourself ? I honestly thought that it would be hard getting into the focus on myself but the transition was beautiful.
(TIP: plan, pray and practise! )
Top, Skirt and Shoes : ZARA (Sale)

I am so grateful to walk in September, I enter with pure excitement and expectation! I have been saying to a few people that something about this month feels very magical; to me - like the new snapchat filter (minus the crown thing). I don't know if it is, because September has a great association with new beginnings or it could be that I am getting ready for fashion week, the fact that as I look back to the beginning of the year, I would have never imagined to be stepping into September 2016 with all of the blessings I have received thus far ! Then again my favourite number is also 9 too.


May September be a magical and beautiful month for you ^_^


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