Saturday, 27 July 2013

My first internship !

Today marks the last day of my 2-week internship at River Island PR. 
My first of many, and will definitely be my most memorable!

I had always wanted to intern, from watching Lauren and Whitney in the Hills to hearing the stories from my classmate Dejan at uni, I had set a goal that by the end of this year, I would have an internship underneath my belt! Since coming to uni, the emphasis on the negative side of fashion internships was all of a sudden dark, and miserable etc. My first day was brilliant (as well as the rest of my internship ^_^)! I'm the type of person that learns well via the T&A route (Theory and then ACTION).  So the amazing team welcomed me, briefed with what I was to do, what is expected of me and then GO! The first week was a little hectic because everyone was preparing for the press day. It was amazing how I was able to re-think about everything I had learnt from the theory unit at uni and put it into practice. I got to help out prep the showroom, make sure everything was in order and etc. 

Press day! Was absolutely great, River Island are known for excellent performance in terms of entertaining their press, and what better way to create a 'buzz' than to bring over the 'cronut' - a croissant in the form of a donut! Invented in the US, but River Island Press was THE first to bring it over to the UK.

As well as working, I was able to talk to some of the press, I took it upon myself to take photos of the atmosphere, as when I'm working at the Amor Magazine events, that's kind of my job of the day lool, plus it was an idea that I thought would be great for when the press officer and manager present their reports. It was also cool to be able to meet to of my lecturers on the day, quite funny how I always bump into them at this type of gathering lool.

After press day had come and gone, the objective was to get the press office and showroom looking like a press office and showroom again. As well as getting the chance to be hands-on with the other side of PR. Sending out press releases, gifting, call ins, observing the online coverage as well as send outs to various magazines.


Floral blazer - Miss Selfridge | Tank - River Island | Jeans - H&M | Sandals- Primark
Kimono - Forever 21 | Tank top - H&M | Skirt- Zara | Sandals - River Island


Dress - H&M
Top - River Island | Skirt - Topshop

I've kind of realized that the art of PR is truly being THE jack-of-all-trades, and master of none! As well as being able think quickly and make sure your actions work effectively.  That 'little black book' shouldn't consist solely of editors of magazines you wish to work for, BUT contacts that can be of value to get you to those places! 

Ever since I got into London College Of Fashion, I decided to look for internships, but I didn't seem to have much luck (now looking back, I didn't have a detailed CV and actually realize what I've accomplished up tip this point AND being able to slyly boast about them) but after sitting down with friends and getting some feedback from my lecturers; I started applying the 'right way'.

It was a weird way of ending my first ever internship, I mean the last time I had done any form of work experience, was in yr. 10 at NatWest Bank, and I was relieved to have left- even though I learned valuable lifetime lessons. loool . 

Today on my way home from my final goodbyes (more like 'til next time'), I was talking to my friend and I just remembered that a few months back when I heard the good news of getting this internship (I applied in January, found out in April- don't expect that the first email will be received, read and accepted instantly - CHASE THEM) I had to pay the price of loosing my job. For the 3rd term at uni, I suffered from this stress emotionally as well as financially; but now I'm glad that I still carried on with the internship because I'd rather work to gain an insight into the field which I'll be working in around 3 years than earn chicken feed. Experience over Money ANYDAY !




  1. beautiful summer outfits! xoxo

  2. Beautiful looks!!! thank you so much for your comment!
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  3. Love your outfits!! Are very cool :)

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  5. love the looks.

    I've interned at RI before.

    Yeah heard its harder to get an internships these days.


  6. As long as you hold that enthusiasm, you'll go a long way darling. Very cute outfits dear.
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