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Fabfem (fabulous and feminine for short) is not just an online platform with many sectors like fashion providing the latest trends/ updates (as well as shopping them the Fabfem style), beauty, health, entrepreneurial site and many more; (I won’t tell you everything they do, but leave you to visit the website and browse the wonderful things they are constantly updating on their site.

Fabfem is a MOVEMENT! They are involved with motivational speaking, offer advice for potential entrepreneurs and work with a range of charities and organisations for women – dealing with abuse, unemployment, education and etc. In the near future, they will be holding events with these organisations showcasing their talents and services.

Fabfem launched earlier this month (1st July), and since then, they have a lot to celebrate, with over 11k followers on their instagram, regualr viewers form over 20 different countries , a shop with gorgeous pieces as well as their blog page which is updated regularly with interesting topics like interning, investing in your future and many more (thank God! Lord knows it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen a fashion brand’s blog feature something different but relative to their morals/style)

I originally met the Charis Jaid [CEO&Founder] team at Rip the Runway UK, and was so inspired by what they do, I just had to feature them on Miss Olivia-Zara, and I am all about female empowerment!

They are one of my daily morning look-overs, I love reading over some of their write-ups during my travels to and checking out what they’re up to! I’m currently lusting over their sienna swimsuit (only 25£) but I doubt if all of my body could fit into that swimsuit lol- however it is still cool to imagine right?
Sienna £25
Perfect and an essential
for the late summer holidays !

Right now, their shop has pieces which are perfect for the summertime, dresses ready for a night out to a dinner, cute little playsuits for the day and swimsuits for the beach or even when you’re chilling beside the pool!

Fabfem are constantly updating their shop, so look out for more designers and brands to feature on there ready for you to purchase! Plus, make sure you sign up to /follow Fabfem so you get to know about the latest deals and news (like their free deliveries /sales/ information on how to become a Fabfem rep)

Fabfem on social media 

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