Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year New ..

Ahh, so you’ve come across yet another new year new me post, well that is what you think. I hope it really is not though, I plan to have a different viewpoint about looking at 2017.
You see, last year; I did what every other blogger tends to do, summarise how their previous year was and make it a point to really highlight those OOTD posts that could do with some looking at / getting a higher amount of views but not so ‘this page needs more attention’ presentation. Also, making a habit of creating a  new year mantra that is somewhat positive but typically filled with blogger-like motivational quotes – you know what I mean right ?
                This year , I’m going to do more OOTD , more reviews
                Travel more
                Hopefully start Vlogging
Etc etc
Lewl. Sorry, I’m not declaring this ^_^
2016 was a tremendous year full of lessons (better than saying the typical ups and downs right ?) and some celebrations . These lessons taught me a lot about my views on ‘planning ahead’ and completely opened another eye to the ideology of the term, ‘the future’. We are part of a generation that loves to say:

There's no point in saying the phrase ‘a New Year new me’ if that means the outward appearance is to change without checking within first, because your temple is the most important to invest in. Lets affirm the true meaning of having the new mind and a new way of thinking with a new way of feeling to have a positive stance of renewal.
In 2016, you may have realised that you allowed Friends to take an advantage with you due to kindness. This frustration that you enjoyed could have led to a disagreement and argument or worse off (this normally happens) you simply just cutting of that friend because "I don't have the time to be dealing with negativity".

But honestly, in the words of Emily (my old tutor at LCF within PR)…
- ‘What does that even mean?’
                                                Side note: The way she would say those 3 or 4 words after you explain passionately your proposal immediately made you re-think how hard you challenge your present mind for future wisdom. Now a graduate working within the field, I tend to use this across platforms be it reading literature, listening to sermons, reading my bible and very much so listening to people with their determination ‘a new year, a new me’

Back to the conversation.
Why wait til the clock strikes new year? I remember talking with a girlfriend who had really been in some hurricane-drama filled year full of disloyalty and heartbreak and warned her to be careful about what you take from your lessons. It is important for us to take the right information from our tests to have testimonies. Some storms can be so harsh but all have options of how you come out, either a survivor or a conqueror. In basic, your experience can either make you or mould you (ahhh, you thought I was going to say break you right? Lool)
I completely get it and understand where one with think that this is appropriate. The whole idea of "keeping it moving ". But as a believer, this is not how we should be living life. Some of you may feel like friends took advantage of you in 2016, you're not gonna allow it in 2017, "New Year new me"- most people allow situations like this to turn them bitter. Life should not result your behaviour into bitterness based on bad experiences. These negative experiences/failures should open opportunities for evaluation. Sometimes a renewal also means a challenge in your behaviour. Maybe it's time that you challenge your kindness and learn to say no. Be bold when you say no so your kindness cannot be treated as a weakness.

My new year consists of a little more transitioning and open-mindedness. Exploration within the means of peace (cues Mary J Blige- no more drama)

What about you?


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