Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Day Has Come !!! Versace for H&M .... MY Experience ;)

From the 28th of June which was the day I revealed on my blog about the this years new Guest Designer for H&M , to blogging about the competition , the Ad campaign pictures, the launch with Nicki Minaj and Prince ... to the very INSTRUCTIONS for how to queue just three days ago ... THE TIME HAS COME !!!

And guess what surprise I had yesterday ?

Don't believe it? Neither did I at first (LOL) had to check again and again ... SCREAMED DOWN MY HOUSE, my mother even thought there was like a rat or something, but yeah guys, your very own Miss Olivia-Zara had won the twitter competition to check out and view the collection 15 mins before the store actually opened and the store I had chosen was Oxford Circus West (near Bond Street)

I was SO excited, like, this NEVER happens to people ... and honestly; i NEVER thought it would happen TO ME !!!

Today, the queue is what I would also definitely consider a major part of and a phenomenon of the the Versace for H&M collaboration story, Whilst on my way towards Bond Street from Tottenham Court Road, I passed some of the stores where the queues were just SHOCKING !!! Had seen people that were camping out from the evening before, and some of my friends from college were camping outside the flagship store, Regent street where the designer herself, Donatella and Lady Gaga made appearances.

This was just outside the Oxford Circus Store where the queue had stretched right around the block ! Felt soo sorry for the LCF students (even though some of them were taking pictures)

Here was the queue that i was able to jump ^_^
The members of staff giving out wristbands for the
potential consumers for the collection

A manager from the Oxford Street West took
a picture of me with my purchase :D
The VIP shopping experience was truly lovely experience, I bought a dress which i shall wear in about two months time for my birthday (sorry, cant show ya'll ...YET) and a scarf to go with part of my mothers Christmas present. (or you can just click here for a clue)

I also got some perfume and a 20% voucher for H&M :)

Ahhh, today was just a lovely day man, had fun at the store, headed to college and now sharing my experience :) Thanks to H&M twitter and Donatella Versace x
My current blackberry messenger profile pic :)


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