Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Hello Guys, this is just a post that I am doing simply because I promised to show you all the other item that i purchased from the Versace for H&M competition that i won back in November.

The reason why I didn't show ANYBODY (not even my mother !!) is .... simply because i didn't want to ... LOOOL
I just wanted it to be a SURPRISE . But the time has come ... and here it is :

Paired with my gold heels from NEXT
red nail polish : MUA @Superdrug
Yes i purchased the simple black dress with the gold buttons at the side. I loved it from the very first moment i laid my eyes on it and thought it would be ideal to celebrate my 18th Birthday in. 

LV Vanity Case Cake from
So I don't confused you all, yes my birthday was on Monday the 9th January and I turned 18 (surprising huh?! loool), but celebrated with my friends on the Saturday just gone (14/01) at Wagamama in Soho. It was so much fun, and the cake was DELICIOUS !!!

I'm telling you, the cake looked SO nice most 
of my friends didn't even want to cut it
In reality, i still thought that when i would cut it
i would feel like I'm cutting the REAL THING lool

Some of the pictures:
These girls have known me for like YEARS (since secondary school) !!! I present Ranchy, Syd and Camz. (Ranchy and Camz came along to FNO with me back in September)

Jam Jam and I

The gorgeous Ranchy .. Call her Kimberly
 if you want to lool

You see the thing is
i have a fascination with the movement
of this girl's bottom x_x

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