Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Versace for H&M Ad

So we've heard the great announcement about the collaboration of Versace and H&M and what key pieces will be in it.
We also have a chance to take part in a competition for the collection
Now its time to look at the creations :D
 Versace for H&M

A Versace for H&M lookbook image Picture 4
Picture 7 Picture 3
 Picture 11 VersaceforHM_4_highres_V_3aug11_pr_b_320x480

VersaceHM1_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1 VersaceHM2_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1VersaceHM3_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1VersaceHM4_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1VersaceHM5_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1VersaceHM6_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1VersaceHM9_V_18oct11_pr_b_320x480_1

My favourite piece from the collection has to be the gold studded leather dress (from left to right, the 3rd picture) because it is one true definition of Versace. Like when I think about Versace, and actually see that dress, I'm like BOOM ... YES ! (Sorry, I'm just a tad crazy right about now).
Don't think that Donatella has made this gorgeous collection without accessories to go with it as well ! If you look closely to the pictures (especially the 7th ) you see that every item is most definitely stamped with the life of the Versace brand with a H&M vibe

 And for menswear :

By the way, the launch will be on 16/17 of next month (November)
Make sure you circle that / set it up in your diary ;)

Donatella Wears One Of The H&M Dresses
Donatella wearing a dress from the collection at a fashion show in Milan

And it doesn't stop there ...

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