Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Another Westfield To Open In Croydon ?!

London could get a third Westfield shopping centre after the Australian developer agreed a deal with the owner of the Whitgift shopping centre in Croydon.Really .... Like REALLY !!!

I had heard about how the Australian developer had recently agreed a deal with the owner of the Whitgift centre, but still did not believe that this news could be true.

To be honest, I personally don't think that this is a good idea ...Like; i LOVE Croydon .. AS IT IS ! I love the whitgift centre around Christmas time and centrale and other small businesses JUST as they are and to put a westfield shopping centre (which has the power to shut down these businesses) in Croydon seems dangerous and a little silly. 

Is there a point in investing so much money for a small area (and an area that people would not seem very comfortable in purchasing pricey items)? Will there be enough security and space for a safe shopping experience ?
These are JUST a few questions on my mind right about now.

I spoke to a friend who lives in the borough of Croydon, and her thought about a westfield being opened for Croydon is a brilliant idea as it will improve the area, more jobs will be available for people our age, and all high street stores alongside designer brands are easier to buy then travelling all the way to white city/ west end / stratford.

What she had said, it most definitely true (however i believe that the job offer is not guaranteed for us young people who have limited or NO experience) but I'm actually thinking on the side of security and safety.

Think about it, you want to place a prestigious shopping centre in a place that was badly effected in the riots no more than just 3 months ago?! Plus I don't see how the westfield for croydon would be as successful as the other two which are closer to central London and the west end.

What are your thoughts ? feel free to comment x

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