Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Living on solid ground

It's been along while since I have posted, or even been active on social media apart from on Twitter (are you following me? If you lurve God, luxury fashion - I talk a load about that, black business within the UK? - I talk a lot about that and lingerie crisis ? (I suffer with being a size UK12 except God anointed my cup to runneth "plus size") - I blast on the chance the subject comes up ^_^

But back to apologising for not being active - I've been going through some things. At 24 I'm still observing low-key madness with acquaintances overstepping their mark, mean-girl movie style backstabbing attempts, confidence (we'll get to that in this post) and honestly a broken iPhone camera haha.

The older I become, the more I evaluate and observe the people around me; growing up I've watched my mother keep so call friends around because they 'grew up on the estate, mothers got their hair did on the Saturday, went to school blah blah blah' and I'd be damned if I followed such a practise in the matter of quantity over quality.

There has been an instance this year where I have had to ask myself when releasing myself from some people 'am I the problem?' and God revealed simply; 'You are enough'. 

Gosh I love having Abba on my side. 

The world as a homegirl says 'is truly going mad' and will have you thinking that you are a problem but really and truly you as a person are enough when you are :

Truthful - to a situation 
Honest - to your peace
Forgiving - to the world you are in and surround yourself in

Knowing who you are in Christ will have you walk differently (blessed), talk differently (blessed) which will be received by many (including frenemies) as 'over the top', 'assertive', 'ignorant' and sometimes 'arrogant' .

You ever notice somebody finds a problem when you publicly dedicate literally every small and big victory to God but are chilled when you thank the universe? 
A prime example of the world, going, absolutely mad.

This honestly lead me to low-key not post myself on the gram, go out with a group of my girls etc etc. I was afraid of the image I would put myself on not correlating with the feelings I was experiencing with presently , carrying on day after day at the view of the world (people that claim to know me) at a higher authority than my own, immaculate creator.

You see, God is who I call - the Picasso of Picasso's. Who cannot tell me nothing about his work of art. So why do we look at the poison in Instagram likes?

On Christ the solid rock I (and you) will stand / On other ground (Instagram / Twitter / workplace with co-workers who befriend you simply out of the four walls you share your 8hour shift) is sinking sand.

So I share my latest upload, something that I took (obviously at a wedding haha) that I was well pleased to see capture my million dollar smile from an angle ;) 



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