Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy 2018 !

I had been talking with a load of people that felt like 2017 went by soo fast but for me personally, it was as steady as I needed it to be. There were some rocky roads, but what I am eternally grateful for is the lessons learned in 2017, monetary vs trusting individuals; starting some new and exciting things that I would never imagined to have done and truly running my own pace. Speaking with my chest in negotiations and actively focusing on the things that I love despite butting heads with those people who I use to be their personal yes-man to.

November and December, however went extremely fast, I couldn't keep up with my business and YouTube, had the chance to write an amazing piece on my thoughts of what Alexandra Shulman wrote for the BoF, and received such great feedback anddddddd launched my 1st solo project independent from a company. Through the last two months of 2017, I learnt similar things about myself when i was living and working in NYC but at a London capacity. Lessons were familiar and solved much quicker because my contacts were based in the city, some 3 -6 miles away from me at the very most. Also, not like I care anymore to observe - but you have to check yourself - but realising your 'friends' that made the excuse of not supporting you get highlighted in green (I hate green highlighter lol) as absolute BS'ers.

I wouldn't trade 2017 for a peaceful mind, I was rattled but came out with my frontal still in tact and onlooking to the future with high hopes ordained by God Almighty (you better watch out)

Resolutions though ? More like promises

Entertaining comes at a cost : If you don't have much value for the moment I am about to engage with you, I will not participate.
Enjoy: life, flip I'm 24 in a couple days and the two things my mum continually asks is to have much more fun and when are I going to start dating ?
Prioritise : Happiness, I'm a self-confessed workaholic, intended me-time is essential, healthy and well deserved 

If you haven't been following my social media, you have been missing out ! I launched my first project with the help of cool and encouraging black creatives for a black market. It got featured in the Voice newspaper print and online and the event (as my first ever) was outstanding. Check out the coverage online and don't forget to follow BlackMarket_UK
Also, the phrase 'psychology and fashion has been out in the atmosphere lately, Capital Moments gave me the chance to write my views on the topic within fashion. Here's the link 


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