Friday, 8 September 2017

Septemberrrr ! 

Happy new month guys ! 

Summer is officially over (well if we judge by the weather in London, summer was done a long time ago) 

So I have recently ordered my 17 month diary getting ready to conquer the last quarter 2017. What do you think ?
Kate Spade - £26
from John Lewis

In the fashion it's considered a new year as SS18 

Autumn = layering aka aint nobody watching how I look therefore let the eating begin
Back to school
And I just want to welcome the new attitude for the remainder of the 4 months of the year.

On my latest video, I talk about planning / planners and journaling alongside making sure your :

South London terminology: 'shots have met the targets you set at the beginning of 2017'

Translation: let's win in 2017!

What will you be doing to make sure you leave 2017 with greatness ? 

I have a few videos coming out this week, a little unusual from the 1 per fortnight but I do hope you enjoy ^_^


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