Monday, 24 April 2017

All Black Everything ?

It has been well over a week since Gucci released visuals for its pre fall campaign featuring solely black model cast. The moment I saw this, I immediately felt like Todd Tucker in the scene where Mama Joyce shouts out ' my favourite person in the whole world'. 

Overall, when I view the launch of campaigns as like everyone who looks for the artistic direction within the campaign; and of course it was amazing, but I am / was in between the state of being confused at the decision of an all black cast ... My fellow industry working 'crew' (as in friends I went to fashion school with and those working within industry sharing their thoughts) thought I was looking into it a little too deep and the non industry ones simply stated that Gucci are promoting black people, be happy and don't make it a big thing.

Since Gucci has been taken over by Alessandro Michele, I consider the brand as THE empire of street style. For around 3-4 seasons, throughout all of the major fashion capital cities; you will without doubt spot a Gucci piece. I remember Dior had their phase under Raf Simons with the micro bags, bejewelled sneakers from couture right up to the ‘So Real’ glasses! Unlike many of the luxury brands who have their statement pieces feature as part of the upcoming and booming street style ensembles, Gucci masters as way of creating pieces that are not considered as 'IT' accessory therefore enhancing its longevity. 

You have to admit, before Michele came to the house, what other brand could you solely look for and feel complete with a piece containing rhinestones, sequins, and overall, a quintessential “more is more” vibe? Gucci’s flamboyance perfects the reflection of the attitudes currently towards fashion in today's society. 'More is more' is wonderful, and its construction is carefully amassed. 

I clearly remember Shiona Turnini on instastories clearly displaying her views, which I would also share and point out and I completely agree with her views and encourage everyone to be 'woke' about this situation. I even somewhat compare it to the Pepsi advert that has now been removed but within a more refined and cleverly yet typical fashion etiquette

The act of accumulation is something you would think happens the most whence a project so effective like a front cover/main fashion story, campaign or others   you would think right? Earlier on this year, announced through WWD, "In the past two years, we have implemented a complete turnaround of our company, following our mantra of being the voice of self-expression," he said. "Attracting, retaining and promoting talent, while celebrating ethnic, age, sexual and gender diversity, sexual orientation and gender identity across the company, is our mission." 

But what does that mean when the only person of colour that looks like me is Beyonce and the amazingly uber cool 5 year old Blue Ivy? I mean Beyonce is a lot but only endorsing a black artist like her is not enough. The ideology within the minds of the consumer (whether you heavily consume luxury fashion or subconsciously are aware of topics within this industry) is that a 'congratulations' should be in order because the colour is displayed as the end result. But can you really look at this and not think for a second about exploitation of the worrying subject of race within fashion? A total of 9 looks out of 119 worn by models of colour for Gucci FW17 does not make sense in comparison to a whole black cast expressing the 'soul scene' throwback to the retro 1960s "underground Northern Soul movement". 
 As a young black professional I know how beautiful it is to be black but disheartening for a wide organisation that I artistically respect to take a form of beauty that I identify with and project as if it is a trend that would die out (Pre fall will not be talked about in 3 seasons time, only as reference to be built on the current 'booming' trend). A fellow Olivia discussed how luxury brands are exploring the new normal form of marketing new product/collection.

Do you feel these strategies are used for the culture or are they actually for YOUR culture?  

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