Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 In Pictures


I can't believe that today is the last day of 2015 ! Happy NYE everyone ! So I've decided to compile my year into 8 pictures (there should be more I know) and thought I would share many things that have not yet been uploaded into a post yet as well as stuff that I personally choose to not have and draw so much attention towards.

In 2015 I :

Celebrated my 21st birthday - At the Landmark Hotel Winter Garden for some afternoon tea before heading to my favourite restaurant and heading off to Paris to do some research for my FMP.

Spent more time with God - I'm a Christian, gave my life to God around 3 years ago, and I just wanted to spend time with God more. With that, I joined LWFITC and met some beautiful women of God my age and 2015 has been an inspiring year just spending time with Him outside the walls of church and the comfort of my room ^_^.

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E-D !! - Yes I celebrated my birthday, but I also attended 4 weddings, and two births within my family (boys too :D I love boys lol) in this year alone. I personally feel like part of my young teenager life, I've been to so many funerals and have heard of such negative news. In 2014, I ask God to let me experience joy and I got that exactly :).

Enjoyed summer ! - I actually have no enjoyed a summer in London for a long time. This summer (actually all year) I attended galleries upon museums upon designer collaborations and really just got to appreciate art. Take the time to appreciate art guys ! It clears and challenges your mind. Hermés Wanderland and Mademoiselle Prive were my favourite (both at the Saatchi), what about yours ?

Learnt how to be patient and be content with the situation that I'm in - I had created such a thorough plan of what my life would be like after university. I looked at my life like " I have so much experience, I have my degree, I got a good smile and I'm hardworking, I'm bound to get a job !". 
    Sometimes plans don't go well, but God always knows whats best.  Within summer alone, I had 17 interviews; 10 were for paid internships which I was 'too qualified' for and 5 were for permanent positions that weren't exactly right.  1 was a position abroad and because I hadn't got a 1st class, my sponsorship for a visa would not be guaranteed and another one was for an independent designer who felt like I shouldn't be compensated at all (ridiculous I know). I never cried so much, carrying my massive portfolio; having a positively cool attitude when I'm really desperate and eager to just have a job in a field I studied 3 years for - its hard guys ! But thats the beauty of life and I've had to deal with it and remain positive. I'm currently interning at such a great establishment (hint is in one of the photos ^_^) whilst in retail on the weekends. It's hard balancing but it has to be done I just say that it's only for a season, when will I have to opportunity to do something like this again ?

In 2016 I:

Only pray to remain focused on not just the 'prize' BUT to also enjoy the journey. 
We have to really pay attention to the journey because if we don't learn the lessons,  it'll be hard to either stay at the top or excel at being at the top.



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