Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fashion and Technology in 2015

This is a delayed post that you are about to read because initially was I had wrote was was really long. Though I love sharing my thoughts, I would not want you to read something like an essay in a short post. I condensed it down a lot, so I hope you do enjoy the little of bit of what I love in PR, that is fashion and technology. 

During my last year of uni (2015), I became very conscious of the world of technology raised in conversation with fashion. I would never consider myself a tech guru, and certainly as a teenager growing up, I never observed or wonder about the importance of technology and fashion together resulted in too , but now more than ever; I realised that it is something you have to be ‘observant’ over, and I'm going to talk about what types of technology the fashion world were using in 2015.

Burberry on Instagram. 
To be honest, everything involving technology that Burberry do is incredible and forward thinking in that moment in time, but I really would just like to highlight Burberry whey they took to Instagram to show behind the scene footage of the SS12 show using the iPhone 5s. it was such a beautiful and new way of seeing the ready-to-wear instantly within the world of social media.

Truly the premature stages of what we are now seeing as live streaming and etc. Burberry using Instagram showed how great the quality of the camera on the iPhone was as well as reaching out to Burberry (and iPhone) audiences further than just on one platform (shared through Facebook and Twitter). Burberry truly will remain as one of the leading fashion find is that prove technology has a place in luxury and lifestyle. 

         Burberry on Snapchat.
Fast forward to 2015; they have understood the changes and attitudes within social media, take a look at the exclusive Snapchat stories - instead of having 15 edited classy and almost editorial finish posts on Instagram pictures, to last forever; use on Snapchat which allows instant reactions in a ‘story’ / ‘journey’ format; executing the beauty of ‘real life’ behind the scene footage ranging from staff attempted to close-ups of the interior decor / show-space and more. The beauty of Snapchat is the photos only last for 24 hours and then they are gone! That's why so many brands are using Snapchat because Snapchat that last for a day to 3 days is far more effective than Instagram and edited glossy editorial photos to last forever but only to then be judged by the amount of likes, comments and shares. 



Burberry is such a good brand for a case study within PR, I used Burberry all the time within elements of social media understanding at uni. These photos were all screen shot on my iPhone during SS16 show.

The other brand I would use is of course, Dior :). Feel free to check out my FMP  (pg 48)


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