Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mademoiselle Prive

Chanel returned to the halls of the Saatchi Gallery during October with an installation set over three floors bringing to life the spirit and charm of the brands legends; Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. 


There were many of elements within this exhibition, it was not the type where you travelled through various corridors / up a couple of steps and take a few cute selfies. The installation gave you a chance to immerse yourself in some of Chanel’s most iconic creations, a focus of the haute couture, the 1932 Bijoux de Diamants high-jewellery collection and the Chanel No 5 fragrance. But Chanel's approach via an exhibition installation, struck me in a very cool and thoughtful way. 

A unique element of this exhibition for me was the mobile application, where visitors got to journey through the creativity of the brand in an interactive way through their Bluetooth. As you can see from the above, when the phone moved over an element of the room, the interactive session began. It was so cool ( I really want to say ' simply magical' but maybe that's a bit too much lol), you could hold the phone up at part of the exhibition and your phone/tablet change into an interactive description of graphic message relating to the brand and the purpose of the exhibition. Having this option allows much more visual freedom within the space of the exhibition. Sometimes I find it slightly annoying when you have 1/3 of the dissertation description right next to the beautiful picture that deserves to be honest though; text with our can be tricky for me to digest.


I attended to the workshops on the Wednesday, with my friend Jonathan and they were such beautiful experiences. The first one was there CHANEL N°5, Olfactive workshop way we had the opportunity to see and experience the key ingredients to the world famous and best seller, the CHANEL N°5; as well as discover the vision and creation of CHANEL N°5, from Ernest Beaux, the first house perfumer, to Jacques Polge. 

Who knew I would engage in conversation with a group of people about ' the art of wearing of wearing fragrance'? We all agreed it was best to:
a) put it where ever you want to be 'kissed'
b) spray around 6" away from the skin and let it 'sit' 
c) DO not rub

The final workshop of the day was at the Lesage, embroiderer;  where we were able to participate in creating embroidery pieces in a similar fashion to how it would be done in the savoir-faire at haute couture. This happened to be our most favourite workshop simply because of our determination to produce great 'masterpieces'. We had the same blank canvas to start with and build upon, but due to our different taste we produced very different pieces; mine resulted very traditional, whilst Jonathan's sparked elements of the dark side of Chanel.


“Which exhibition have you preferred most (which was better)”, I feel bad if I tried to come up with a direct answer in general because designer and exhibition activities are all beautiful within there own right, especially with a brand with such strong heritage. The Hermes Wanderland (not on this platform but do check my portfolio) was full of fun, energy through interaction (within certain rooms) and reduced me to my childhood in a luxury world; The tiffany exhibition initially geared me up to experience the love of and within the brand, but I then learned and appreciated the connotations aligned with the brand, reminiscing on the beauty of New York City. Series 3 brought me back to my final major project, in terms of the element they had within the exhibition where there was a member of its’ atelier re-making one of the bags (anatomy of the bag always melts hearts ) and Mademoiselle Prive was just ‘on fire’ with the technological elements installed as well as the workshop activities allowing followers of the brand to live life with Chanel for around 60mins.

How on earth can I answer simply yes/no create a list? Fashion and technology is a topic that many people within industry are discussing in great detail and exploring more and more and it excites me! So that is what grabbed me at Mademoiselle Prive.

I hope you enjoy the photo diary, a few more are here!! ^_^


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