Thursday, 24 September 2015

LV Series 3

Louis Vuitton opened the doors to its series 3 exhibition on Sunday the 20th September. This took place during London fashion week in Strand (London) for the next month. It is named series 3 for a reason, demonstrating it’s third ‘such’ show after Tokyo and Los Angeles as well as displaying in a sense; the past, present and future.

Following on from it’s Series 2 exhibit in Los Angeles the [free] exhibition is a must see, with many rooms displaying a hi-tech side of Louis Vuitton, (sci-fi being something that Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière takes inspiration from) to THE walk-in wardrobe of your dreams as well as a sticker room to pimp up your notebook or wallet case. On Monday, I was able to attend a private viewing in association with POP Magazine (the after party was amazing btw), and got to explore the beautiful exhibition for myself.

My favorite aspect of the exhibition was the point at which you enter the savior-faire room explaining how such beautiful pieces from the collection are made in the Louis Vuitton atelier. An artisan was present showing how to create the micro-trunk handbags that have become such a hit under Ghesquière. This took me back to my final year project at university because I based my 12-month PR campaign around craftsmanship within the leather goods product for Christian Dior, and many of the ideas I had during my campaign were also featured during the Vuitton exhibition ! (scoreee !).


I find that with the majority of brands under the LVMH umbrella, developing an exhibition that includes an aspect of craftsmanship is key nowadays because the customer ultimately needs to understand the level of skill taken into the finished product (the product bought).

Standing as the most valuable luxury brand in the world (according to Forbes magazine), you can see how the elements of the exhibition highlight the rich heritage of the brand well with the vision of Ghesquière in a pleasurable way. With many rooms titled; "Artists' hands"; "A tale of craftsmanship"; "Anatomy of le savoir-faire"… you can see the focus on craft, on the process leading up to rather than the final result, which is glorified – and publicised – by the polished final vision on the catwalk.

Another room which I know will flood your Snapchat/Instagram feed over the next month, is where you will meet accessories on floating mannequins covered in the most superb white ( aka – perfect selfie lighting).

Enjoy my little photo diary and hopefully, I will upload parts of my final project (and link them for you all to see the comparison / what I was talking about earlier)

Let me know what your most loved parts of the exhibition were! And don’t forget to grab your stickers!

Fun Fact:

When I was younger, I asked my mother about buying me a coin purse from Louis Vuitton, and she said ‘ Why on earth do you feel like I should buy you something from Louis Vuitton?’ So my smarty-pants self took the persuasion real deep and I came back to her with this explanation.

O-L-I-V-I-A = Olivia. In primary school I learnt that in ancient Egypt, they did not have to include the vowels in a name when writing soo, O-L-I-V-I-A     –     O-I-I-A   =    L-V . :D

Shout out to all my Olivia’s !!!
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