Monday, 14 September 2015

New York Lost Files PRT 1

As SS16 approaches, I thought to release a few photos that I took during my 4 month stay in New York city over the summer last year. I didn't take much photos for many reasons. I just wanted to be able to remember things and share my experience in a selected way, where the most precious memories only remained in thought instead of captured simply through a lens (or iPhone camera)

I remember my departure from Heathrow to JFK like it was yesterday, literally ! It was my first ever time travelling without an adult, I watched American Hustle and overall just full of excitement. I was about to start an adventure, in NYC !

Clearly this was taken outside the beautiful Rockefeller Plaza. This was during my 1st week where I just done a little touring and shopping. I flew a week out before I was due to work, so yeah I had some quality time with myself in the concrete jungle.

This was during the second week of interning. All photos were taken like this simply because I had nobody to take a full shot of me ! However the few things I learnt in NYC during my first 'working' week included; bagels are THE best grab-and-go breakfast meal with an iced coffee; Starbucks iced coffees or a green smoothie will complete your'e morning and flats aren't the most comfortable footwear ( bring some soft trainers).

This is simply a picture of a billboard with the title 'The Olivia'. I remember this day very clearly; it was quite grey during the evening, and I was walking along to W34st Penn Station to catch my 2 train home, and I had a really bad day at work, you know when you feel exhausted from the demanding day and the journey back home is a mission an a half ? I simply looked up and saw this and it felt like God reminded me about my purpose as a person as well as during my internship at Karla Otto

Don't worry, there'll be more to come ^_^

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