Monday, 16 December 2013

Where oh where oh ....

Where has Livvyy been ? - Well, let me first start by congratulating certain bloggers who can keep up with uni assignments and work ! I truly don't know how they keep up with it. Over the past two and a half months, I realised that I just had to put my hands up and call for a tea break because I could not handle these assignments, two jobs and keep up my blogging activities without sleep, those press days over in November were absolutely stunning; but 24 hours isn't enough time for me nowadays lol.

However, taking this little break from the blogsphere world had lead me to a new found love, discovered by force (the program we were trained to use during our 1st term assignment), Adobe Premier Pro. You'd think a break up with the 'love of your life' for 4+years would keep you up all night, try planning a video shoot to suit a certain criteria (damn you strict uni assignment) as well as begging numerous amount of friends to act in it ( my christmas list is wayyy to large this year) and editing it! My Lord ! Twas fun (: SO much so, I encourage any creative to get their hands on their camera and occasionally switch to the film mode and do something! Editing makes me feel so powerful, I truly feel like by creating a moving image, I control what the viewer feels - majorly cool ^_^.

Definitely worth a shot ! Here's some of the stuff I've been up to per the pass two months or so. Hope you enjoy!


From top left to right : Toilet pictures ! Just had to check myself out ! Black becomes my colour during deadline season, and some of my favs at the amazing Lewis and Leigh press day in Novemeber
From bottom left to right : Snow PR press day, a snippet of my fav pieces, can't wait for the summer leather and dream accessories to drop on store shelves ! The deadline day, gotta love LCF lime grove toilets ! perfect for ootd photos hehee

Jourdan Jae modelling for my girl Shamel (;. Custom-made blazer made by Sham for her project on her fashion design course, I got the chance to shoot it as well as create a short film for her - thanks hun ! Hope you all like it ! Made it in 30 mins - super easy if you like the idea editing 

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