Tuesday, 14 January 2014

20th Birthday - DIY invitations

Building up to my 20th birthday, I was in two minds on whether to celebrate it alone , with a few , or with many. I don't really like the idea of ageing, I love growing up, but during my 19th year, family referred to me ageing instead of maturing (harsh I know lol). Surprisingly (The reason why I said surprisingly is because I'm never a last minute type girl) I made my decision to celebrate with a few friends, and somehow I'd had the colour blue in mind for my 20th birthday. Much like tiffany blue, so I thought - ok, "how shall we play along with that?" and looked to pinterest (if you ever need inspiration, first look on pinterest THEN google)  and found NOTHING ! The only ideas that appear are to do with wedding baby boy invitations - but a 20th birthday for Olivia-Zara does not quite fit with wedding bells or dummies; so I decided to create a tiffany invitation for myself. 

I call it 'The Deconstructed Tiffany'   

For 6 people, I used:
- A5 Black envelope - ebay (pack of 50)
-One glue-stick
- 5 metres (1cm thick) satin ribbon - Morleys in Brixton (you can get them cheaper from ebay or John Lewis
- 2 packs of white A6 cars and envelope
- 6 pieces of tiffany blue (-ish) A7 cards
- Glitter ( but I simply used my Victoria Secret shimmer spray - because it also smells nice ^_^)

So the reason why it is named the 'deconstructed tiffany' because I was inspired by the actual tiffany box, but the famous black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at tiffany's. So I used the ribbon to tie the envelope which referred to the movie and kept it ultra simple on the other envelope with a similar font to tiffany. 

 To add a personal touch for my friends, I simply addressed their name with a font similar to the Tiffany and co font (they actually have their own font) and there are two closest fonts which are :

- Engravers MT (utilising small caps)
-Century Schoolbook

Ta Da !!! 

Let me know what you think , would have done something a little different ?

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