Friday, 4 October 2013

Thinking Pink !

Love the month of October, the ending of fashion month and the start of the academic term of my second year at university. It's my nan's birthday month lol ^_^, as well as an increase to the awareness of breast cancer. With shops and magazines gearing to highlight their more 'feminine' products with a deal like 15% going towards the organisation etc. Some may say that is not ethical, I simply say, it's advertising .

Regardless, I love the colour pink anyway, up until last year December, it was the colour of my room for at least 8 years (different shades, obviously)!  However, wearing a statement piece which happened to be a solid form of pink was never something that came across my mind during a shop along the high street (or online), for some weird reason, pink always remained as an accessory colour; be-it my nails, the colour of my Miss Dior perfume, the crystals embedded in my vintage perfume bottle, my iPhone/blackberry cases, book/macbook covers , sock etc (you get the gist of it). But the high street has many to offer ! Hopefully during this month a series of all these flushes of pink rose will arise on Miss Olivia-Zara, for those that don't enjoy this certain colour, apologises in advance !

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