Thursday, 12 September 2013

September Sweetie

A few of these items are my must haves for the Autumn season. During this season, most people like to be comfy and warm but are not sure of how to dress for the season (I'm talking about in London) due to  the early autumn weather which has a mixture of hot days and really (REALLY) cold days (the UK is known for having days where you experience summer,autumn,winter and spring all in one day - quite annoying) . So my way of dressing for the next couple months is simple; SMART layering. I always choose based on the weather and nothing makes me happy than owning a jacket / coat (like the All Saints one) which does the job of keep you toasty warm as well as an easy fold away when it's a little warm. 

Another thing that is important for the season is your luggage. What type of bag does your daily musings need ? During my college years, I carried medium-large bags, simply because I had massive folders which I could not detach myself from, but in my first year at college, I really didn't need a large bag unless I was bringing in my laptop. Looking at my timetable for second year, I think I may need a large bag because I'll have longer days and may require my laptop more often, so in order to be practical and make sure my shoulders and back does not suffer as much, I'm going to invest in a shoppers bag as well as use my other Zara bags, however, Longchamp are the gods of practicality as well as style, offering a range of many colours in various sizes suitable for you ! The handles don't break or wear away, I'm feasting for the black on black.

From bottom left to right: Longchamp bag | All Saints coat | River Island jeggings | Chiffon Blouse

This academic year, I really don't want to go around in my typical Topshop ballet flats, no matter how much I love them and how they happen to go with nearly every outfit I wear, but you sometimes just have to give the flat ballet pumps a rest ! So heres a mixture !

My older sister owns a pair of these KG's in blue and I've worn them out all day with her and my nieces and nephews and they are ! I would most probably leave them to the weekend, as they are perfect for a night out having fun and / or working in. Surprisingly, I have a load of trainers in my September wishlist, which as we should know is really unusual, the reason being is because they are simply comfy and beautiful ! The last two are like my 'award for Olivia-Zara' buys, most probably will buy them after fashion week to congratulate myself if I do something worthwhile ;). Russell and Bromley have THE cutest loafers which I have been eyeing up since late summer ! And yellow satin court heels? Oh Zara, God bless you !  

This is a mixture of essentials and wants btw, but first and foremost, got to buy my stationary 


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