Monday, 24 July 2017

The Interview

So we all (should) know what to do within an interview. I can say I have had many many interviews in my undergraduate and postgraduate life and I thought to post a video on my experience in the interviewing atmosphere.

My absolute top priority tip that I will share is definitely have something to show for your efforts. The interviewer is clearly interested in you based off your CV, so now you have to basically need to life that CV through action instead of black ink and white paper.

This is my first interview and I don't have prior experience What can I show? Interest.
     - Whether it be interest within a particular scenario that applies to the brand you are interviewing with or be in within an area where the brand thrives in like social media or technological advancement.

As I have mentioned, when I entered into university, I had no experience coming in compared to my cohort who had interned at least a full year - 2 years. But I was on a PR course at LCF, I had great organisation skills and with retail and front of house experience - Interest.

Do remember / re-read the advert of the job before you head into that room, most times clue of what they are looking for are highlighted and then you will elaborate with interest !

Hope you like the latest video uploaded on my YouTube channel 

Know your worth, and multiply with interest ;)

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