Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kiwi & Yam

Last month, I attended a fashion and fundraising event organised by Vir2ous Ltd called Fashion Exposed. The annual charity fashion show (and overall event) celebrates the 'Patterns of Culture', a beautiful way of bring all the different art forms together for young people to express their talents like fashion or poetry.

The talent that night was amazing! It was so good to see not only Vir2ous Ltd grow as an events company, but also continue to provide a platform for such electric independent designers. After the showcase, I met up with one of the designers and asked her a few questions, so read on to find out more about ... Kiwi&Yam. 

- Yes you read it right loool 

Kiwi and Yam is a London based street wear brand where British multiculturalism meets urban rebellion. I met up with Misi (The Founder) to ask her a few things about the brand !

 Kiwi and Yam, a very strange combination, what's the inspiration behind your brand ?
Lol, Yh it is quite a random mix but there is some method to the madness. The Kiwi represents the vibrancy of the brand whilst the yam represents the raw ethnic edge. The inspiration behind the brand is really just everyday people in London, we all live here happily together but most of us are from a different ethnic background. Kiwi&Yam is a celebration of British multiculturalism, in the form of street wear apparel.

Describe your potential customer?
Someone who isn’t afraid of the new, who sets trends and not follows.

What does heritage mean to you?
It means a lot to me. I am a British born Nigerian and my heritage really plays a big part in who I am today. Not only has it helped broaden my cultural knowledge but also given me a sense of versatility.

Where do you see KIWI & YAM in 3 years time?
Oh wow! In 3 years time I would have liked Kiwi&Yam to be a well established brand preferably stocked in more than one country. I would also like to have opened a flagship store.

Your launching for the first time Friday 13th September, could you please give a hint to Miss Olivia-Zara readers what will be in store?
Well as you have already seen our signature Varsities will be up for grabs, but we will also be releasing pieces from our Urban Rebellion range with is part of our new campaign. (There’s lots going on with that so make sure you look out)

Where are KIWI & YAM stocked?
At the minute it isn’t stocked anyway but you can pre-order by email. It will be available on ASOS marketplace from Friday the 13th of September.

What advice would you give to people who are trying to break into the industry? Independent designers always say to just be original? But what's your other ingredient to be a success in creating and leading a brand like KIWI & YAM?
I would say don’t wait! Too many if’s and but’s help me back but once I decided to just go for it I started to see results. Also I’d say just follow your instincts, every mistake is a lesson learnt not an opportunity lost. Be innovative and be you!

Remember that they are launching at the end of the week, be sure to follow them on their twitter, facebook , tumblr and Instagram !

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