Tuesday, 19 February 2013

London Fashion Week | Street Style

As some of you may know, today is that last day for London Fashion week. During the past couple days, I underwent street-style hunting at Somerset House. I did also intern at Bora Aksu on Friday (as usual, lovely experience and thank you Goodley PR) and loved the fact that this year, I actually took it upon myself to engage with the subject (the person). 

Alright so back to the blog post, this year was totally about looking for the street style trends, what seems to be booming, and what looks like a trend which is not quite there yet, but will creep up later.


- Neon (yet again), but in a way I'd think is easier to execute. Most people feel that neon is not a color that suits practical day-wear for the Spring, or can sometimes look a little 'off'' at night. Personally, I believe that you need a little neon in your closet, whether that be an accessory or footwear. Those two options from an outfit can jazz up your ensemble. Also, it's a good way of combining it with the monochrome trend which is kind of in full swing now. Neon is an alternative for that 'pop color (red/fuchsia/cobalt blue).

-Shades Rain come or sun shine, you need a range of glasses, try looking round thrift shops, or going to vintage fairs as they really do hold the treasure which you cannot find in the mainstream retail shops. There are only so much that Urban Outfitter and New Look can provide!

This is all I can show now, but do look out for more street-style on the facebook page, and in the next issue of Amor Magazine  

And I leave you with a ...
TIP: Always leave a positive and memorable impression, whether it's a friendly gesture like smiling or displaying your basic manners which your mother tuned into your head countless of times; that's how people remember you; and that is how your business card won't get chucked on the ground after you turn your back against that person whom you did not say thank you too !

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