Thursday, 31 January 2013


Yur, I said it, it's that time guys ! Lately, I've been wanting to host a little something to show how much I love  my readers and to celebrate the support that I've had throughout this blog. It's been WAY too long since I last conducted a giveaway competition ... And as January has come to an end, and Valentines day is around the corner (14 days!), these were the perfect excuse to buy and giveaway !
 Like I said, this is a giveaway where all products were purchased by me, These are products which I've used in the past before and LOVE so I'd thought I share the love with 2 readers of 'Miss Olivia-Zara' and treat you with either a:
 ~ Victoria Secret Fragrance AND Lotion
~ NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss

They have not been opened, and will arrive to the winners in the original packaging as well as receive an amazing gift wrap c/o -MOI !

I will decide whom out of the 2 winners will get what.
~ It's most likely that it would be based on who completed the most out of the criteria (for example :- 2 winners are chosen but one had done 3 of the steps where the other has done 4, the one that did 4 will be contacted to see which one they want and the other with get what is left ) 
~ Or it will be chosen randomly out of a hat (and will video record that session lol) 

~Follow the blog (become a member) . You have to be a member/follower to enter this competition.
~Do write your name and twitter account (or facebook) in this blog post comment box . So when you win, It will be easy to find you and tell the whole world who my winners are !
~Like the facebook page.
~Follow on Twitter account and tweet about the giveaway.

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Good Luck Everyone, and thanks for taking part ! x
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