Monday, 26 November 2012


 For all you lucky people who are travelling out to hot countries during the Christmas holidays, this post might be of interest to you and worth looking at.

As part of their BA Fashion Womenswear course, Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams, with their partner Woodchuck have started with the launch of Termite producing a range of sunglasses. But these are not just any sunglasses, consumers have the chance to choose from a range of different colors and materials to produce their final pair of shades.

"We wanted Termite to fill a hole in the market, where we felt that recycled clothing and accessories gets a typical bland vision in peoples head- so we've aimed to turn that misconception around to create a youthful fun label that brings fashion together in turn with sustainability." - Finch

Termite was only launched last week and has just started with the launch of the sunglasses range where their  shades are made to order in a choice of seasonal frame stain, color lens and frame design. In due course (as in early next year hopefully) they will expand the brand into creating further fashion accessories. For a limited time only they are also including a glitter option.

Their website is under construction at the moment, but in order to get in touch with them; follow them on their twitter page @termitedesign , instagram- termitedesign or like their facebook fan page  'Termite' .


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