Monday, 26 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

I honestly can't believe how fast the year has gone already ! December is next week and Christmas shopping is now on the agenda ! But Christmas shopping has always been a hard list to create simply because my objective of a Christmas present is something that means a lot between the  receiver, the actual gift, occasion and I. In the sense of buying something that isn't 'better' than the birthday present I had bought them that year, or the one I aim to buy next year - Get it? 

So that's when I panic and end up buying perfumed sets ... but this year, my theme (hopefully if November payday is mighty generous to me lol) is to buy a range of intricate/ unusual items for my friends. Majority of my friends are art students so buying stuff around that area is always the direction I take as their minds are open. So buying gifts from mainstream/ high street stores are not a pressure of means of stress for me, as a new crush of mine now is buying from boutiques and vintage shops etc etc.

If you or your friends are into that sort of stuff then I have a website for you to check out ^_^

Global online marketplace Young Republic brings independent and emerging designers from various parts of the world like Tokyo, Sydney, NYC, Madrid and of course London. 

And just in time for the season, they have launched their Christmas collection featuring hundreds of ideas of the best from their site for everyone ! So if you have any worries with buying for your guy/woman, little cousins or a new born, even for the home I suggest that you check out their 2012 Christmas Collection .  The price ranges from ££ - £££ , which is not so bad, bearing in mind that these garments and accessories are unique. 

-Click the photo to check out their magazine-

To find out more check out 
INSTAGRAM: @young_republic
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