Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn Nails

Happy October everyone !
Thought I'd share my favorite nail colors which I hope to be 'sporting' this season (if I get the time to ^_^) 
From left to right
mavala -mexico
boots- 17
barry m- tangerine (136)
barry m- foil effects (320)
MUA (at superdrugs) -21
mavala- london

For me personally, nude and red color nails never go out of fashion, but finding the right color to match your skin tone is crucial.

 The 'London' and 'Mexico'by Mavala was something I received at the Bora Asku show from LFW, and I absolutely love them! I've shared it with friends and they find no fault in the color or with chipping (so I guess it's good value for the price which is (I think- around £3) and the purple happens to be the shade which I love and is always popular during this time, it always reminds me of the MAC lavender violet.

 The nude from MUA happens to be one of the only colors I religiously look for when I'm in superdrugs; the finish is as identical as when you have a gel manicure ( however, if you do not put on at least a 'thick-ish' upper coat, the matte finish is not always appealing to the eye.

 The shimmering blue-y nail polish is part of a collection by '17' at boots (might not be available now) is just one of them 'amazingly weird' colors that every girl should have in their collection. It's a bold looking color that will probably not match any outfit you wear throughout the week which is on your hands, BUT and the end of the day, it's an interesting color, and it is the intriguing colors that fascinate me more than the typical black, french manicure, red and nude colors which every female on this earth has. The best places to find stuff like these are buy going to the nail factories instead most shops, or ask your nail technician (if you have one) where they buy their products from.

Wondering why I left out Barry M? - Everyone knows about Barry M ! If not - booo! Start your collection off with the tangerine and foil gold . The tangerine consists of a burnt orange with a little shimmer and it just looks ultra cool.


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