Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fashion Shower

Hey everyone, I know on my facebook page I had mentioned putting up this post by the afternoon, but time had really got the best of me and it is now going up during the evening ^_^.

This post is just  on my experience at the AdR for H&M launch. I went to the flagship store in London (Regent Street) and was the fourth person there (whippiee),even though I was by myself, it wasn't so bad because I had met two ultra-cool people (one happened to be from LCF in her 3rd year) and we all got talking with each other, then chatting, laughing etc etc.

When it came to deciding what I really wanted, it was a hard choice because this year, shoppers had the option to buy multiple items plus I had made a budget of spending £200 MAX. I knew my claws had to get onto that beauty case, and I was so .... strong-headed about getting the trolley which matches, but when I actually saw it, I was like HELL NO! The size was equivalent to when I carried my mothers' hand-luggage trolleys along to my nanny's for the weekend around the age of about 6! And I would have bought it as a Christmas present for maybe my mother (or SOMEBODY in the family) but again, the price did not match the size - although it was pretty, I had to let go.

Then came onto the accessories. I was torn in-between the alligator and snake bracelets simply because I love both animals; and they all looked absolutely divine lol ^_^ ... yet Stylist and Editor of Rebel Magazine, Namal had kindly helped me narrow my selection down to choosing the alligator simply because there are MANY arm cuffs and bangles/bracelets etc evolving around snakes- try out something else (had a point).

So in total, I had bought just the beauty case and the alligator bracelet - Also, as I was one of the first 70/80 customers, I was issued with a charm which I could put on my bag, or attach to my keys etc etc ...

Now the fly girl (3rd year student at LCF) Dahlia went HAM ! Bought the trolley, accessories and was queuing up since 12 midnight ! [Dedication I tell you]

Here's what my stuff look like :


To say the least, I feel really clean - fresh in fact lol, boy did that shower do something GOOD to me ... and We also got a mask of AdR ^_^


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