Monday, 30 July 2012

Recent Purchases : Zara Dupes

Good Afternoon ! Hope you all enjoyed the Olympic Weekend and wish you all a prosperous week ^_^
Well I haven't been out to play, even when it came down to a little shopping ! Have a look at my little 'zara dupe' shopping trip on the more affordable end of the high street ... x

Had to pop to Primark in the West End this morning, and came across the my shoes from the AW12 Primark collection. In that post, I think I showed only the black color, but was surprised to see they had a further two colors (a peachy with hot pink heel, and one with (i think) green heel AND silver strap). These look exactly like the Zara ones which are no longer available, but for a fraction of the price ! Thank Primark ;)
Also, I had a voucher for River Island, and look at what I saw ! Another version the Zara khaki jacket with leather sleeves! Whilst in primark, i did come across their version, and was impressed (didn't look too 'fake'-as one would name a primark version to anything they 'copy'), but I had a lil problem with the sleeves. They are both as nice, but I just preferred the cut a little more. When it came to deciding if I should buy the £25 primark or £55 river island ... it wasn't about the price but simply the cut and how it fitted my shape (I'm a little picky lol)

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