Saturday, 28 July 2012

About Town / Getting Ready for the Olympics

During this week, I toured London with a friend from the USA ... It was amazing how much I actually didn't know about the architecture in London town, and had not notice where some buildings were lol. I found it actually refreshing being a tourist in my hometown for the day. We done the whole 'shibang' from London Victoria- Hyde Park Corner, Tower of London , Buckingham Palace and even went on the riverboat lol ^_^

  Here are a few photo's I'd thought to share with y'all


If your in London for the Olympics, be sure to do all the site seeing ... It only takes about a day to see and explore the 'essential stuff' ... two if you want the extras ... and I would suggest about three if you want to combine the shopping along Oxford street/Convent garden/ Bond street etc etc

Do check out the galleries and museums ! London is FILLED with beauty which is hidden in places like Whitechapel Gallery, Tate, National Portrait gallery etc

And finally ... it's always good to go off track - i.e- on the Bus Tour ride, I was surprised that they don't talk about places like Brick lane, Shoreditch etc etc ... Fashionista's , artists, photographers and social addicts ... make sure you explore that area ;)




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