Monday, 23 July 2012

Every now and then you gotta' go back in that closet, and pull out that Freakum day Dress

(Ha Ha !!! My mother named this post )

Hello all !! Today was the first day the people of London had seen sunshine + heat throughout the day (without any sudden outbursts of showers or bad weather) for LONGG time ! Today was also about hanging out with my two good friends from my secondary school; what a lovely day to just hang out, enjoy the sun and company, alongside chill ! 

Dress- H&M (Hence the title ... I haven't worn this dress in a good TWO YEARS!!! -And it still fits)
Sandals - Primark

 What I love about today's post was how simple it is, I wouldn't call it so 'effortlessly chic' - because this is actually what I like to wear throughout warm+ days; or shorts, tank top (but this year, I might try out some crops) and sandals/espadrilles. Primark sandals are forever ruling my summer closet and their espadrilles too . H&M have also served themselves worthy with their basic and divided range ... I don't own much outside them two, but this year with pastels and florals as one of the top trends, Topshop and New Look are producing some chic stuff to wear during the warm weather and for holiday ... will post some examples soonish ;)

This week seems exciting! The weather forecast is looking boombastic so I can't wait to grab some shots whilst style hunting!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend guys, and I wish you all a prosperous week 

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  1. Thanks for the blog comment! I followed your blog last week :)


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