Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Footsteps Charity Fashion Show

Footsteps Charity Fashion Show was last week Thursday (the night after Next Loop Mania -whatever) and to be honest, my excitement went from seven to about minus three thousand. My friend Shamel and I were SO close to not even going but we had faith in the Lord and my gosh did he DELIVER !!!

But some background information about the cause . Footsteps Charity Fashion Show are raising money for a little boy called Aiden, at 19 months he he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He now needs £60,000 for an operation that will help him to walk. 

 1st Designer - Shauna

Shauna's collection is based on cultural/heraldic identity, specifically looking at what it means to be Black British since the Windrush years. This collection was for her final year graduation catwalk show and since then, she has been working on a new collection.
I really loved the green cut out dress ! The collection was really classy and caters for a range of women, the combination of ankara fabrics with contemporary designs worked well

2nd Designer - Shelique


 JBrown1971 is a stylist that caters to a wide audience offering a touch of class with individual personality for every client. They start with the basics of style and evaluate it to a much higher level that combines many elements into one.
I REALLY loved the modern twist within the collection, the menswear was TO DIE FOR !!! It had what most males NEED in their wardrobe for attire that would be suitable for the day and night. The pieces are stamped with individuality within the contemporary designs. The contrast between the fabrics also had a sleek finish which was like...totally cool B-)

Designer -Schenelle and Everton

 A refreshing view-point on menswear fashion. The collection which is called reboot pushes the creative boundaries and traditional pre-conceptions of menswear design. 
I really loved this collection, the colours of the material were mouth-watering , i could really see the futuristic influences behind the collection shown in the designs.


Designer- Honey


 An emerging designer that uses Indian and African Influences with a contemporary twist. These beautiful garments are from recycled cultured material. 
The whole collection was stunning, loved the tailoring and the fitted jackets. The choice of material and colours worked well with each other and the elegant pieces gave a fluid feel throughout the collection


Last but not least
Designer -Sylvia
  Her collection is mainly inspired by feminine shapes and curves from fashionable eras, the 1920's right through to the 1940's is DEFINITELY seen within this collection. The collection consists of a range of styles to shapes, to simple silhouettes borrowing the features of the more glamorous time with a touch of the modern influence from today's fashion.
Oh My Lord ... This collection was SUPERB !!! This collection is what I think 'Angeleye' should look at and study (HARD) .. The collection is for any woman would desires a luxurious ensemble influenced by a 'vintage' look. The designs are obviously borrowed from the past decades BUT are evolved with a modern twist. I loved the accessories that went with the garments , the material, the cut. Like when you sometimes think of vintage clothing from the post war era, you think or classy but glamorous with a little more of sex appeal added into the recipe. There was NO fault with this collection AT all !
I regret no video recording the finale :(
But you can find the Designer on  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sylvia-Preby-Fumu

 The whole show was incredible. But the real reason and purpose was to raise money for Aiden. They managed to raise over £1000 on the night. I believe in this cause and feel you guys should join in as well !!! To donate, just click the link below


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