Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week- Day 3

Alternative Fashion Week runs from the 16th-21st of April 2012. The ALTERNATIVE ARTS is an arts organisation based in Spitalfields, East London investing and showcasing new designers to the public producing a diverse arts event including fashion, photography, literature, music, dance, exhibitions and plenty more - so don't think that it's just another young'in trying to make it into the fashion world and 'claiming to be different' -lol ... It's worth a trip ... you NEVER know what inspiration you may find there .. and good deals ;)

This year was my first time going and as you all know, I did not expect ANYTHING (well, I tried not to) but I was hoping for something exciting and exciting it WAS !!!
Unlike most fashion shows, Alternative Fashion Week is truly filled by live performances from all aspects of art like designers from Italy to Sri Lanka (just to name a few).

If your passing by Brick Lane and always looking fro inspiration, be sure to head down at 1.15pm this week to see the interesting designers catering for different types of taste like the vintage, modern, futuristic, antique and one-off sellers from the stalls.

If your a photographer,journalist or any other type of PR be sure you are seated (or stood) in an ideal spot (best thing is to get down there about 10-15 mins early) so you could capture the detailed stunning pieces. Or if your a style hunter, be sure that your camera and notepad are with you at all times as you are bound to find someone trotting around the area checking out the show. You can even go and talk to the designers, models, hair and make-up stylists and conduct an interview of your own.

Spitalfield Market this week, is NOT here for fashion, but is giving you the opportunity to interact with amazing people from the textiles trade to art collectors ... it's also a great place for social networking .

Here are some photo's that I took from the day ... could only stay for like an hour :( *cries*

Havering College -
Amalgamated Talent 2012

Bib and Brace-'Peddle and Crack'

Now I wasn't aware how theatrical the show was suppose to be ... but I filmed it instead of taken photographs so check it out on my youtube site or you can watch it below (Sometimes, there are problems viewing video's on my page)

 This event is free and for ANYONE who is interested in the arts, meeting and socializing with new people ... Ends this Saturday, highly recommend to you all !!! Don't allow this rubbish rainy weather stop you from checking out the stalls, music, art and even a hagen-daz ice cream ... i tried the creme brulee -yummy !! ;)


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