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Headwear Trend : Winter 2011

I believe that a runway outfit can never be complete without its fair share of accessories. This winter,  designers seem to be busy making a statement on the Headwear Trends that will be hot this season.

The headwear trends winter 2011 are as vivid and versatile as they include headwear made of various fabrics, each using tailoring patterns and distinctive lines and angles. You can go for any of these headwear pieces as per your taste and choice of outfit that you wish to pair them with.

Stocking up on these latest style headwear is the best way to upgrade your wardrobe and spice up your look. They wont only add to your style quotient but have an actual functional use as well and will keep your head warm.

For a casual look, go for chic-inspired knit hats. For a more sophisticated look, you can invest in a classy Boho chic hat. However, do not forget to pay attention to your hairstyle while wearing these hats.

Wide brim hats

They are romantic, ultra feminine, and they will certainly catch everyone’s attention. These large brim,floppy hats are probably the best complement to the free spirited Bohemian look that is soooo trendy this fall. Suggested combinations:

  • Brim hat+ flowing maxi dress+ platforms
  • Brim hat+ denim flares+ vintage T-shirt+ vintage faux fur coat
wide brim hats
wide brim hats wide brim hats
Knit Hats
These are warm and comfortable and work well when paired with layered outfits. Team these with a skin-stroking ensemble and go for those in bright colors or interesting prints.
Warm Grey (Grey) Knitted Beanie | 218715605 | New Look
Knitted Beanie £7.99
New Look

Cream Knitted Fur Trim Hood, £18
River Island

Bowler hats
The bowler hat is already very popular among the trendsetters worldwide, and judging by the combinations they’ve made, the bowler hats are perfect if you want to give your wardrobe an interesting , edgy twist. Combinations :

  • Bowler hat +vintage T-shirt+ motorcycle leather jacket +skinny jeans + oxfords
  • Bowler hat+ T-shirt+ skirt+ Blazer+ oxfords
Bowler hats
Bowler hats Bowler hats

Boho Chic HatsYou can pair these with long dresses and formal evening wear. Some of these also look good when teamed with sassy outerwear and pretty pant suits. With the boho chic hat, the world is your oyster as many hairstyles and eye wear finishes the look with class (and a chic- of course).The best designer hats available in this style have been recently unveiled by Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto, Diesel Black and Gold. Check em out ;)

And Last but not least ....

Fur Hats

I presume that everyone should know that this fashion classic is unlikely to ever go out of style. But,today, designers are striving to make some stylish headwear pieces that can be easily clubbed with chic urban sportswear as well as office chic outfits. Basically speaking, the choice of the outfit depends on the wearer and her fashion sense. 
And for all you creative people, add lil accessories to your fur hats yourself to create a fashion difference between yours and the next persons ;). To get some inspiring idea, you can browse through the collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane von Frustenberg & Jean Paul Gaultier .

Cream Fairisle Faux Fur Trapper Hat
Cream Fairisle Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Now remember, even though the cost of these might be a bit steep, its and INVESTMENT .... + keeps your head warm :)


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