Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Life Of A LCF Summer School Student !!!!

Yurp, this is how it all started ....
... on the 10th of June, I enter my home to pick up the normal mail for mummy, not noticing the 1ST CLASS letter with my name on it .... from LCF .... OMG done my lil two-step (hurt my foot, called my mum and went crazy loool)

 - and before I forget, I would love to thank my home girl Clara-Louise *mwah*

Then the countdown started, and I would say that the nerves kicked in (you know, like what to wear , how to act , what to expect)

then before you know it .... the day came !!!

11th July, woke up at 7, got ready and listened to choice fm, headed out w/ my toast and hot chocolate to east-dulwich train station to wait for my journey to start. Before i knew it, i was in Shepherd Bush tube station, walking to lime grove and tweeting at the same time, thinking about how excited i was to start my new week. And guess what pops up on twitter afterwards?!

^_^ (I'm a top nerd btw- sorry, I was excited dude)

So my first day was all about fashion media, we had a lil ice breaker , found out some interesting facts about the people i would be spending my week with. I even found out that there were 2 other students from my college AND i had never seen them before ... quiet funny actually ... after lunch we were introduced to 'news and feature writing'

I wont bore you with the content of the whole week, just the really exciting parts ;)
  • On Wednesday, we had our on-screen interviews ... My group was w/ crazy people named Jasmine, Anthony, Ernela and Rianah. Soon after that was finished, we went to westfield shopping centre to interview people about a rumour which we had heard about topshop opening a tattoo parlour in their flagship store. My group got kicked out unfortunately loool, but it was still fun :D
  • On Thursday we went into the computer suite and got to use MAC's :D. The day felt like living the life of a journalist in the office and meeting deadlines.... I managed it and enjoyed it at the same time :)
I would love to show the world the whole video BUT, as it is set to private on vimeo, i recorded just a lil extract of what my group had done in the on-screen video. I do apologise for the poor quality.

From left to right - Ernela, Jasmine (the GREAT) Rianah and Anthony
And then before you knew it !!!! The Week came to an end :'( 

After our certificates

Words & Pictures Class of 2011

My fellow Ernela ;)

And the Start Of A NEW Stalking Relationship at college
Get ready to feast your eyes on this !!
 Thanks to Michelle , Josephine , Anthony, Andy, Declan and Kate and the other members of LCF that made this experience GREAT for everyone ^_^


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