Thursday, 17 August 2017

CV and Cover Letters | Fashion PR

This post and video was inspired by Mercedes Benson whom I've been following for some time now, but during a panel discussion a Girl Boss UK around the subject matter of CV's and Cover Letters.

Having experience with recruiting (it was only interns when I was working within agency) I was inspired alongside with those two beautiful women mentioned above to do a video about CV's and cover letters in the PR field of fashion.

From what I remember Mercedes simply explained that if an advertisement asks for a cover letter then add it in, if not then it's entirely up to you. So lets not overlook simple requirements and show recruiters the best version of us in all ways.

With the best Bajan accent that I have to offer, we simply cannot afford to socialise in a basic zone; NO BASIC's !

You want to be taken seriously within fashion PR, you want to put your best foot forward and you want your vision to be understood before you have to read somebody.

I remember not caring so much about how my CV looked plus I would try to cram every single thing about myself within one page - failed.

Even though you are apply for a position and showing yourself, you have to reign master over who is reading about you. Allow what needs to be known left on paper, what's intellectual about you left on LinkedIn,  what's creative about you through Instagram and what is memorable about you face-to-face.

When you understand, you'll realise that you never have to fret over spacing or doubt over your CV because it mirrors you !

I hope you enjoy my tips, feel free to share yours and how your CV looks !


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