Friday, 26 September 2014

Overseas Internship

The most common question I was asked throughout my journey in New York was :

Was it worth undertaking an internship abroad ?
And my response is simply :


I remember talking to year below me about my plans for this internship, and a fellow student of mine said "overseas experience is not worth it" yet that student was an international student, and would rather stay in London to partake in an internship then in their home country ... *side eye* very weird right?

Experience is experience, I will NEVER get a chance of doing something like this again and I learned so much about myself as well as exercised my ability to do things I had never put much attention to. 
My intention was to explore life for myself, people who know me week know that I never put myself first, and 2014 was the year of putting myself as a priority, and with God, I was blessed enough to experiences things that I didn't even know I needed ! With Christ and determination, anything is possible ;)


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