Saturday, 15 February 2014


Love. Love is in the air people ! Well today was the first official day of London fashion week and love did not really seem to be in the air, just a hella load of water. My Lord did the heavens open this day! Very hectic and slippery. I'm really happy with how the day went, i interned at Bora Aksu and Mark Fast again, and as per usual, to report back - my time there was well spent, learned a lot and met some cool creatives ! But for now, I'm heading back to uni work, have so much to do, so little time (you know how it goes)
I just wanted to share my set of Valentine gifts from a special someone, my mother (cue the Aww's) . She is absolutely hilarious, and full of good spirits, presenting me with my goodies before my 9:45 call time.

Beauty goodies, with an encouraging note from my Mama
Let Marc remind you everyday that you are beautiful, and allow Tom to remind you that your the best when you lips are closed and you do your chores, Happy Valentines day Olivia-Zara, have fun at Bora Aksu ! 

You see ? LOL!
How have you spent your valentines day ?



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