Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bora Aksu SS13

 - Backstage/ Behind the Scenes -

 So London Fashion Week has started and I was able to intern at the Bora Aksu SS13 show at Somerset house . I had so much fun! When I normally help out for the shows, I am based backstage, most of the other interns are a little mean and 'stand-offish' and most interns don't have the chance to actually watch the show, however this was totally different.

 I had the opportunity to handle front row where the celebs were seated, and sort out goody bags (whilst sneaking in an odd photo of the models getting ready backstage/ rehearsing), whilst guarding those sacred seats for the celebs, Dan and I (my partner for the day)also had to make sure allocated sections were handled smoothly; it was truly fun!

So these are some photographs of the actual show,  ... and a lil more ^_^. Sorry about the quality! We couldn't hold our cameras and work at the same time so these were taken on my iPhone. I absolutely loved the show ! The light fabric and extremely delicate layering gave the dresses a heavenly effect whilst the models floated down the runway. I'm feeling the colors and shades from the collection and the exquisite tailoring. The Peter Pan collar and patterned tights appeared on the runway as well so watch out for the spring guys!

Also got to take a photo with VV Brown;was I excited? Hell Yes! She is SOO sweet! Her and James (assistant) are funny people and down to earth ! (Gotta love it)

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