Monday, 27 August 2012

Holiday Post :Packing !

So, I leave in about 10 hours (i think lol) and it was only this morning where I thought 'hmmm, lemme start packing properly'. Unlike most holidays I normally go on, I didn't purposely go out shopping. I've only got a few things for this two week vacation (to be specific, I have 7 days worth of clothes)

Shorts and Skirt - Topshop and Levi | Dresses (two maxi and one day dress) H&M

Tops - American Apparel/Forever 21/Topshop/River Island | Sandals - Primark  
Accessories - Ebay/ River Island/ Kurt Geiger and some made by moi !

That's it ! Less is best, and if I run out of clothes ... I guess I'll just hit an outlet store right?
Bring on the NYC baby ^_^
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