Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hey Hey HEYY!!

It has been 9 days since I last blogged ... was talking to my mother about how sad I felt and she was saying 'Oh it's not that long' but I've realized that in the online world ... it's nearly forever ! lol

This post is just about what has happened over the last fortnight (nearly) as there was a series of events and celebrations that took place

First was, on Thursday, results came and God has truly answered my prayers as this September, I will be studying Fashion PR at University of the Arts London (yeah LCF). I was so happy and thankful that all the hard work truly paid off, also I was happy because I found out that all of my friends got what was wanted so YEAH !!!

Up still now, I still feel like I haven't celebrated it as much as I thought so, like you know when you think 'hmm, if i DO get this, I would go and celebrate by doing ...' - yeah I haven't ... but Jourdan did take me to my first open mic that night up in Shoreditch. I was excited (really- like extremely excited). I always thought I could hit a good note but the performers on the night were phenomenal ! Such stage presence and confidence ! Love seeing raw talent ! I also saw a lot of friends which I had planned to catch up with over the holidays but didn't have a chance (don't you ever realize after careful planning, something like meeting up with people just fail? haha) . The evening was truly fun !


 And as of now, I'm in packing mode ... not for getting ready to move out  for university but ...
I'm going to New York City !!!  
From Tuesday, my mother and I (with the help of British Airways) will be flying of to the concrete jungle of where dreams are made of for two whole weeks ! Excited am I? YEAH BUDDY!!! And I'll be out there for FNO (Fashion's Night Out) so hopefully, everything will be fun fun FUN !

Will definitely do a suitcase blog post soon though, I truly believe that I am a guru at packing . I always think 'less is truly best'.

Until next time ! (Anyone going LCF in September- Hello!) x
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